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Animation Sydney – Our job is to explain Australian Businesses

What makes us from our competitors is our design and workflow process. We have very good systems and processes in place that ensures our work is delivered on time to the highest quality giving you the best satisfaction.

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Crafted Websites and Graphics that Leave a Lasting Impression

Our Story

We are passionate web artisans, committed to creating visually stunning and functional websites that captivate audiences and elevate businesses to new heights.

Why Onepost Animation Australia


Onepost responds to your enquiries withing the hour (as long as it’s in business hours). We deliver Explainer Videos with a fast turn-around. We also have systems in place that keeps you up to date with our process.


Onepost believe in well-designed illustrations that are simple with clear messaging to make up our animations. Your brand deserves to have premium content that works for your brand and audience and that’s what makes us different.

Work Flow

We have put systems in place that ensures you are always up to date throughout the process using our hub. Within the hub you will see the scripting, design and animation wips as well as finals that you can easily download.

Recent Animation Work

Red Cross New Zealand

The Red Cross New Zealand commissioned Onepost Media to create an animated explainer video to explain what to do in a natural disaster and how the Red Cross helps communities.

Scripting Design Storyboarding Voice Record Sound Design Animation


A neat little 2D animated video to quickly explain what Liposomes is and how the product works


Spark Digital commission Onepost to create an animated explainer video to explain how their IOT systems work across New Zealand. We executed a range of tasks:


Animated Video explainer for a new online property auction website. These played on TV and Social Media.

Types of Animated Videos

Animated Explainer Video

Our most popular service. Onepost creates engaging explainer videos to explain people’s services and solutions. An animation is fun and simple and there’s a few different styles to choose from.

Whiteboard Video

Another very popular option for companies wanting to explain a complicated product or service in a very easy to understand method. The style is a basic drawing style of black and white illustrations on a whiteboard.

Infographic / Typography

Informative, engaging and straight forward. This style is a fantastic way to get your message across in a way that creates a buzz using illustrated graphics and/or typographic fonts.

Animated Promo Videos

Animated promo marketing is a great strategy used by companies and brands all over the world to communicate their core message to their potential and existing customers to easily drive higher lead generations. There a few different styles you can choose from. It can be as simple or advanced as you like that works with your budget.

Stop-motion Video

Click. Move. Click. Move. An animation technique that consists of photographing an object and scenes while moving everything in small amounts after every click. Time-consuming but very rewarding.


Michael F

Marketing, Toyota Fleet

Awesome and super easy to collaborate with the team at OnePost!

Sam Y

Marketing, Fisher Paykel Healthcare

Onepost worked with us at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare and they were great. They worked in a timely manner and produced something creative that exceeded our expectations – thanks for your great mahi!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video cost?

This all depends on what you want to achieve out of your project, what sort of budget you have and the style of the video. Once we have a few questions answered, we can then put a proposal together that will have a few pricing options. This way you will be able to see the difference between a cost effective project and one with all the bells and whistles.

What's the process with your video service?

Step 1 is learning. We talk with you and learn everything we can about your business and brand and what your goals are marketing wise. After that, our copywriters/directors get to work.

Concept development / Scripting Phase Working with your team, we will put together a concept on how the video should look. Then we script it out with a worded storyboard and sketch.

Design Phase We design with your brand in mind. In most cases our clients provide us with Brand Guidelines that we can work from. Regardless, our design team will illustrate a frame or two of your script and send back to you for approval of the look. Once approved, we can go onto designing the rest of the frames and present it to you in our own unique storyboard.

Animation Phase Because you are now stoked with the design and storyboard, you can clearly see exactly what will happen in the animation. This makes the animation phase a breeze. Typically for 2d animated video we can get this done within a few days. We will send WIPS. (Work in progress MP4s) to your email box for approval during this process. 2-3 rounds of changes later, and you are now happy with the final video.

Why should I use Onepost Media?

Onepost Australia is different to its competitors. We understand that you have a budget and you want to see a return on your investment when contracting us. For video production in Australia, We have been working with some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest brands and agencies, designing awesome creative video that delivers the message to their customers. We work with some of the best artists and designers in NZ & AU to give our clients something actually good. Not some rubbish animated video that looks like Microsoft clip art 1995.

What types of video do you do?

  • Video Production Sydney

  • Video Production Brisbane

  • Corporate Videos

  • Social Media Videos

  • Branding Videos

  • TV commercials

  • Training Videos

  • Recruitment Videos

  • Walkthrough videos

  • Customer testimonials

  • Stop Motion

  • Explainer Videos

  • Animated Videos

How do revisions work?

We use the fantastic software – Wipster. Wipster let’s us send each video wip (work in progress) via their platform so it’s super easy for you to select a part of the video and make your comments – even send it around your team to get everyone’s comments, then we can see those comments and make all the adjustments and send back for approval. If you want to see more on how this works, contact us and we will send you a demo. Normally we allow up to 3 rounds of changes.