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Mission Statement

To produce excellence.

We will go out of our way with all our clients to produce nothing but pure excellence. In pre-production, production and post production, our clients will always feel they have been well looked after, with their best interests in mind.

The Team



Founder / Head of Content



Illustrator / Designer






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Animator / Editor



Copywriter / Director


We are focused on providing our clients with not only high-quality content, but a long-term business relationship.

We have worked with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands such as – The NZDF, Kiwibank, Co-Op Bank, Lion, Meridian, Z Energy and a bunch more.

In a fast-growing market, the online industry needs video to support its business. Companies are learning that video content produced for websites and social media platforms is becoming a critical tool for effective communication. Explainer videos/company video for mobile apps, welcome videos from team members, and simple wrap-ups of recent work, make introducing you and your brand to potential clients so much more effective.




  • Explainer Video
  • Company Video
  • Interactive Video
  • E-Learning Video
  • 3D Animation Video
  • 2D Animation Video
  • Online Video / Web Video
  • Online Advertising Video
  • TV/Cinema Advertising
  • Corporate Photography
  • Campaign Video
  • Video Production Auckland
  • Social Media Video
  • Hype Reels
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

Stand out


Video Increases Peoples’ Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74%

YouTube Is The Number Two Search Engine In The World

A Third Of All Online Activity Is Spent Watching Video

Every Day 100 Million Internet Users Watch An Online Video

50% Of Users Watch Business Related Videos On YouTube Once A Week

An Average User Spends 16 Minutes 49 Seconds Watching Online Video Ads Every Month

80% Of Your Online Visitors Will Watch A Video, While Only 20 Percent Will Actually Read Content In Its Entirety

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Animation Service

We see ourselves as a bit of a groovy Explainer Video animation company. We have perfected the art of 2d and 3d animation and are ready to help explain your business with our crazy creative brains to deliver your story.

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  • Many businesses go into social media thinking that it's an opportunity for them to tell the world about themselves. In reality, social media isn't about a business - it's about the people they're trying to talk with. #socialmedia #videomarketing #marketingstrategy #videoproduction https://onepost.co.nz/socialmedia-is-about-your-audience/
  • When you scroll through social media, you're more likely to see videos from companies than you are posts from actual humans. This is good news for business, but it presents a challenge to companies to really think about the video content they post. Need help when it comes to creating videos for social media? We've got some tips. #business #video #videomarketing #socialmedia #marketingstrategy #videoproduction https://onepost.co.nz/making-videos-for-social-media/
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A media company devoted to producing excellence.