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Looking for an Explainer Video Company in Sydney? Explain your products and services with creative animation and boost your brand. We will respond in less than an hour with your quote.

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Your business explained, using clear messaging and great design

Animation Sydney – Our job is to explain Australian Businesses


What makes us from our competitors is our design and workflow process. We have very good systems and processes in place that ensures our work is delivered on time to the highest quality giving you the best satisfaction.

Onepost is a team of highly professional Copywriters, Producers, Art Directors, Illustrators, and Animators

An idea of  content we produce for our clients:

explainer video production nz 2D/3D Animated explainer videos
explainer video production nz 2D Animated training videos
explainer video production nz 2D Animated web banners
explainer video production nz Walkthrough videos
explainer video production nz 2D/3D Advertising and promotion

let's talk about business video creation - advertising and promotional content

1 Hour Enquiry Response

Yep, that’s right. We can’t stand wasting time so when you fill out our Quote Form, we will respond within the hour to get the ball rolling. (Only in standard business hours)

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Why Onepost Animation Australia

Creative and quick video in brisbane


Onepost responds to your enquiries withing the hour (as long as it’s in business hours). We deliver Explainer Videos with a fast turn-around. We also have systems in place that keeps you up to date with our process.

Super creative video production team in sydney


Onepost believe in well-designed illustrations that are simple with clear messaging to make up our animations. Your brand deserves to have premium content that works for your brand and audience and that’s what makes us different.

how much does a video cost? aniamted video or video production in australia

Work Flow

We have put systems in place that ensures you are always up to date throughout the process using our hub. Within the hub you will see the scripting, design and animation wips as well as finals that you can easily download.

What Our Clients Say:

PeopleNZ – x Google

Thanks to Sam and the team we have got excellant testimonial and animation videos for our website and company promotions. Onepost stand out as real pros in their industry.

Money Empire – x Google

Can not recommend Onepost enough! The team got back to my initial query straight away and took the time to understand what I was after. The first concepts were through to me in days and they were bang on brief with consent communication on where the project was at! The effort to get the final version exactly how I wanted was so greatly appreciated. I love the final version and can’t wait to share it. THANK YOU!

Recent Animation Work

The Red Cross New Zealand commissioned Onepost Media to create an animated explainer video to explain what to do in a natural disaster and how the Red Cross helps communities.

  • Scripting
  • Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Voice Record
  • Sound Design
  • Animation


A neat little 2D animated video to quickly explain what Liposomes is and how the product works


Spark Digital commission Onepost to create an animated explainer video to explain how their IOT systems work across New Zealand. We executed a range of tasks:


Animated Video explainer for a new online property auction website. These played on TV and Social Media.

Types of Animated Videos

Animated Explainer Video

Our most popular service. Onepost creates engaging explainer videos to explain people’s services and solutions. An animation is fun and simple and there’s a few different styles to choose from.



Animated explainer videos have the ability to connect a brand/business with their target audience in a way that other marketing forms can’t. They cross barriers of engaging by making complicated concepts easier to understand. They communicate in a way that’s approachable, and enhance your marketing strategy that’s easily-digestible and even easier to share.

Video that Converts

An animated explainer video that sits on the top of you website’s home page can dramatically reduce your bounce rate – increasing the time your website visitors stick around – Something that Google is VERY concerned about. They factor this in when ranking websites. All of this adds up to more eyes on your brand, more exposure via Google and more opportunities to convert.

Brand awareness

Using your brand colours throughout your animated explainer video will help your target audience connect your brand with what they’re watching, building trust and recognition outside the realm of the video.

Whiteboard Video

Another very popular option for companies wanting to explain a complicated product or service in a very easy to understand method. The style is a basic drawing style of black and white illustrations on a whiteboard.


What is a whiteboard video animation?

Great for taking your audience on an educational journey  – Whiteboard animation the simplest and most affordable way to convey a simple or complicate message in a super effective way. When a viewer gets to the end of a well-made whiteboard animated video, there should be absolutely no confusion as to what the end message was. Clear messaging equals better memorability. And better memorability equals better conversion.

Fun & engaging

The very act of a hand sketching a concept in front of the viewer is far more engaging than most styles of animation or video production because it almost draws the viewer in as another character in the video. The more engaging the video the more likely it will be shared with other people, and the more likely conversions will climb too.


Because whiteboard video is all software based, it makes it much cheaper for us to produce than other animation styles. Also because of this, we can make changes easily to your video further down the track.

We have produced a ton of explainer videos from start-ups to mega brands. Have a look at our examples and get in touch with us.


Infographic / Typography

Informative, engaging and straight forward.
This style is a fantastic way to get your message across in a way that creates a buzz using illustrated graphics and/or typographic fonts.

Animated Promo Videos

Animated promo marketing is a great strategy used by companies and brands all over the world to communicate their core message to their potential and existing customers to easily drive higher lead generations. There a few different styles you can choose from. It can be as simple or advanced as you like that works with your budget.



What are they good for?

Online video marketing. A good 30sec animated promo video can easily be deployed across Youtube, Facebook, in-stream channels. They are easily produced and can be turned around fast. You can advertise your brand through these channels or you can have it site on your website’s landing page to help convert your web visitors. It’s usually a good idea to talk to us about not just getting a one off animated promo video, but a range of visual content that can back up your advertising strategy. For example: We could produce for you 1x animated promo video but also produce A set of animated web banners that can follow your visitors around the web, re-marketing to them. A set of social media images – graphics that use the same imagery as the video that can drive home the message through your social media channels that creates more engagement. 6sec Cut-down bumper ads for your Youtube adverting. These are great because people can’t skip them during their Youtube exploring. Also good for re-marketing to drive awareness.  

Stop-motion Video

Click. Move. Click. Move. An animation technique that consists of photographing an object and scenes while moving everything in small amounts after every click. Time-consuming but very rewarding.

Our Process is Unique and Simple

Onepost Process - We meet up to talk about your video project

Kick Off

First up, we chat about what you want and if we can do it (spoiler alert: we can). Next, we partner you with an awesome copywriter who’ll get started on your script and an account manager who’ll make sure everything runs smoothly.

Scripting image for video production sydney australia


Depending on the scale of your project, scripting usually takes 3-5 days. Your copywriter will develop a script that ticks all your boxes and liaise with you directly until you’re happy with the story they’ve created.

Onepost concept design for animated explainer videos sydney australia

Concept Design

Before we get cracking on illustration, we give you a ‘sneak peek’ so you can tell us what you like and what you don’t. Concept design usually takes 1-2 days and we use this time to make sure we nail the look and feel you’re going for before we get started on the real thing.

Onepost illustration and design for animated explainer videos sydney australia


A storyboard is an animated video from beginning to end, just on paper. It usually takes about a week to pull your storyboard together. When you’ve approved it, there’s no surprises when we get to animation.

Voice Production image. Animated walkthrough videos sydney australia

Voice Production

Most animated videos need a professional voiceover, and some need music to be produced especially. Sound a bit scary? Don’t worry: we handle it all.

Animation image - promo and explainer videos sydney australia


Now’s the fun part! Our animators work their magic to turn your paper storyboard into a walking and talking animated video. You’ll receive regular updates along the way plus low-res MP4 video files that you can watch to provide feedback and approve the video. In most cases this takes about a week to complete.


Commonly asked questions on our animated video service

Is it more cost-effective to get more than one video produced at the same time?

Yes! It absolutely is. Often, once we have created all the assets for one video, it’s then easy to reuse them for others and think of it this way – It’s easier for a voice over artist to record all the videos in one session than being pulled back to a studio for each one. 

If you have a project that requires multiple animated videos, we will produce a quote showing you the difference of what one video costs and what, say, five videos will cost. The difference can save you thousands.

What's the process with animated explainers?

Please see above the questions for a detailed answer on this. We would also be happy to talk through everything on the phone with you and can send you a process specific to your project, including timings.

Why should I use Onepost Media?
Onepost is different to their competitors. We are the only company that understands how video production and digital marketing go hand-in-hand together. We understand that you have a budget and you want to see a return on your investment when contracting us.

For video production Auckland and Wellington, We have been working with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands and agencies, designing awesome creative video that delivers the message to their customers.

We work with some of the best artists and designers in NZ & AU to give our clients something actually good. Not some rubbish animated video that looks like Microsoft clip art 1995.

How much does an animated video cost?

The main thing we want to know is what style you want your animated video to be. When you fill out our quote form you have the opportunity to paste in some reference links. This is super important for us to assess as we can see how much of our time is needed to achieve a similar result. For this reason, we can’t put our pricing on here but what we can do is get back to you within an hour (business hours) with pricing for your video. Click here to get an animation quote.

What types of animation do you do?

For Animation in Australia:

  • Training Videos
  • Walkthrough videos
  • Stop Motion
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • App Explainers
  • Product and Services Explainers
  • Start-ups
How do revisions work?
We use the fantastic software – Wipster.

revision editing

Wipster let’s us send each video wip (work in progress) via their platform so it’s super easy for you to select a part of the video and make your comments – even send it around your team to get everyone’s comments, then we can see those comments and make all the adjustments and send back for approval.

If you want to see more on how this works, contact us and we will send you a demo.

Normally we allow up to 3 rounds of changes.

1 Hour Enquiry Response

Yep, that’s right. We can’t stand wasting time so when you fill out our Quote Form, we will respond within the hour to get the ball rolling. (Only in standard business hours)

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